There is nothing better than waking up after a pain-free night of sleep.

THANK YOU, Karen Chappell!
When I reached out to Karen late last summer, I was desperate. I was losing sleep every night for several hours because of pain in my right hip area. No matter which position I took, I could not get comfortable.

It seemed to have started with a fall I took in January 2022 on my right hip. No broken bones but I likely bruised the bone and had a good amount of soft tissue damage. By early summer the injury itself had healed very well, but I started having pain at night, consistently, in the last 2-3 hours of sleep. I’m a side sleeper and had to resort to sleeping on my back to get any relief (ugh). I was taking 4 ibuprofen twice nightly and also using creams, oils, naproxen, acetaminophen, roller balls, massage guns, and foam rollers to try and diminish the pain. Nothing worked.

It worsened over the next couple of months until even sleeping on my back wasn’t helping.

One day I happened to see a post from a friend where she talked about working with Karen Chappell, The Maverick Pain Detective. I got on a call with my friend that day to hear about her experience and reached out to Karen a few hours later.

Holy moly, what a difference! I went from being unable to sleep in any position for 2-3 hours a night, to zero night pain. ZERO. Karen told me there would be a moment in this process when I realized the pain was no more. An epiphany of sorts. She was right. I noticed improvement with each passing week and within a few months, the pain was completely gone. As of this review, I have been pain-free for nearly 2 months.

Karen’s technique is amazing. It’s unique, not difficult, involves no drugs or supplements, and it works.

And, Karen has given me some insight into other areas of my life where I want to focus. I’m looking forward to our next phase of doing some mind work.

If you have chronic pain, joint pain, neck, back, hip, whatever…and you’ve tried everything…maybe it’s time to look up Karen. She really is the Maverick Pain Detective!

Beth Anne Campbell