I’d been suffering for 20 years

I strongly recommend Karen to anyone who is in pain and is afraid of seeking help as it may ‘hurt’, especially if they have had a previous, unpleasant experience of this from other providers.

Karen’s Bodylogiq methods are non-invasive and pain free.  Her holistic approach to chronic pain relief is a marvel to the non-specialist, such as myself.  Each time I visited Karen I walked away feeling more at ease with my body and that I was on the road to full recovery.

I had been suffering with back pain for at least 20 years, and had tried various chiropractic methods over the years.  I could not bear the ‘bone crunching’ styles of some of these…then I came across Karen’s Bodylogiq methods which were enlightening.
After just 3 sessions with Karen, I realised that I was able to move more freely; I wasn’t feeling the stiffness in my lower back, and the short , sharp ‘shooting pains when I stretched to reach for something.
Karen’s calm, caring approach to her work makes you feel at ease instantly.  She listen carefully and take genuine pride in knowing that she is helping you to live a more fulfilled life, one which doesn’t involve daily struggles with debilitating pain.

Thank you so much for helping me.

Brenda Taylor