I didn’t realise how much pain I was in!

I have had a niggling pain between my shoulders for about 10 years, which at times felt more acute but was never completely debilitating, just always there… so I got used to it. Similarly, my right hip occasionally gave way; it didn’t really hurt it just periodically caused me to make a false step… so I ignored it. Then my hip got worse, it gave way more frequently and started to feel really tight and painful, with shooting pains all down my right leg. I worried that there was actually something wrong with it, that might require medical intervention. I’d tried a chiropractor to sort out my back pain; she said it wasn’t skeletal so suggested Pilates. That sorted it temporarily, but didn’t really fix it and when my hip started getting worse the exercises I was doing definitely didn’t help. I’d met Karen on various occasions, heard her talk about her work and always thought that I didn’t need her services. But sitting next to her at one business meeting, hearing her speak and realising that my back pain really wasn’t going away on its own, plus my hip problem seemed to be getting worse, finally prompted me to make an appointment to see her. By the end of my first session there was a kind of absence around my shoulders and I began to realise just how much pain I had been in. A thorough but unobtrusive examination by Karen, of my stance and my movement showed me how out of alignment I was. Karen’s gentle manipulation and massage techniques helped to encourage my body into a better way of being. I loved that she gave me gentle practice to do at home too, simple stretches that didn’t hurt but helped to ease muscle tightness and encourage realignment. Her calm and methodical approach was encouraging and I always felt that she listened both to my words and also to what my body was telling her. Several sessions later and I am now pain free – but if I do inadvertently over exert myself then I have a range of movements that I can do to ease any aches should they occur. Thank you, Karen; I feel that you have set me up for a pain free life!

Felicity Whittle