I felt very excited about the possibilities of what Karen could help me discover about my body.

I really looked forward to getting personal advice tailored for me and my body specifically. I knew it would be very valuable to work one-on-one with feedback in real-time. I was frustrated by knowing a lot of great theory but not knowing how to apply it for myself.

I became very motivated to get more fit, less sedentary, tone my muscles, and feel stronger. Then Karen suggested we work together to get my foundations set before I embarked on a fitness regime because otherwise, I would simply be strengthening imbalances and problematic patterns.

I believe that stiffness & pain as we age are not to be accepted as “normal.” It’s a sign of not using our bodies or moving in the way they’re not designed for. What is normal is to reach old age feeling pretty good. Also, the whole body is connected. Alignment or misalignment in one part of the body causes compensation in the rest of the body. Karen’s logic made good sense to me.

In the beginning, I was surprised at how simple and subtle the “exercises” were. How could that be enough to cause a change?! Some of the movements were familiar and some were brand new. All of it was easy because I was able to work within my comfort zone.

It was easier than I expected to work via video call.

• I had issues with my feet periodically over the last 5-8 years, sometimes mild discomfort and a couple of times it progressed to the point walking was difficult. I was also favoring one foot because it was uncomfortable to stand on the other.
• I had hand stiffness and sometimes I would wake up and my first knuckles felt swollen, this started within the last year or two and I worried I was getting arthritis like my mother. I was also waking up with significant stiffness in my hands and shoulders.
• Sometimes while sleeping, my hips ache. I can turn over many times trying to relieve the pain. It is a deep stiff ache and tenderness, that feels like it would be relieved through activity or stretching. During the day my hip flexors always feel desperate for a stretch.
• I’ve had an imbalance in my right & left sides, stemming from an accident with a broken hip and recovery on crutches 35 years ago. This didn’t cause pain, but I wondered how my body was compensating.
• Also, for the past couple of years, I have been getting more uncomfortable walking in the dark. With lights off, I took the stairs very slowly and carefully. Even though I counted the stairs, I still didn’t trust I had reached the bottom and felt around with my feet to be sure. It made me feel really old and feeble.
• I was losing confidence in my body. My various complaints weren’t enough to seek expensive treatments, but they were annoying and were eating away at my peace of mind. I was no longer confident walking the stairs in my house in the dark.

In the past, I’ve spent money on orthodontics, chiropractic, various types of massage, more chiropractic, nutritional balancing (HTMA hair sampling and supplements), tongue tie release, orofacial myofunctional therapy (repatterning swallow and airway), Buteyko breathing training, yoga, pelvic floor therapy, physiotherapy, food intolerance testing, etc.). I saw a physiotherapist for my foot problems two or three times. It always helped quickly but then something else would crop up a few months later.

I have an online program that combines body awareness, realignment and habit shifts, and modified yoga. But it’s not tailor-made for my specific body so I didn’t know which aspects to focus on.

Doctors are trained in pathology, and not helping us achieve optimal health. Alternative medicine practitioners each have their own speciality, but no one can put it all together. It’s too expensive to seek out alternative practitioners to help me achieve optimal health.

During our entire journey, I have felt fully held and supported by Karen. She creates a truly welcoming atmosphere in our sessions. When I was hesitant to admit something (such as not doing my exercises or feeling some resistance) her reaction made me feel completely validated and I wished I’d brought it up earlier. Not once have I ever felt a single iota of “should” from Karen. Instead, I feel love, curiosity, and playfulness. And that has rubbed off on me. I’m feeling a lot more curious, playful and loving toward myself.

The process reminds me of drizzling oil into an emulsion: at first, it might seem like nothing is changing, but suddenly it all comes together.

It is also like hunting for Easter eggs a fun game of looking around corners and peeking underneath to discover the treasure, then giggling joyfully.

I had serious reservations about one of the exercises. It took me a while to be willing. Then I tried very hard to do it right (or what I imagined was “right”); I suppose I wanted to maximize my time and hoped to not have to do it for long. But finally, I accepted Karen’s instructions to not try so hard, and suddenly it became a lovely, nurturing exercise that feels so good.

This is representative of how I’m learning to trust not only Karen’s instructions but also my own body, learning to play more, learning to just notice and experience rather than achieve an outcome. This is key not only in my body but also in my approach to life.

The journey continues…

Kim Adams