What can I say? Karen is magic!

She’s great at working out what the pain is and where it’s coming from that’s not necessarily the surface presentation or the specific area of pain. We don’t see that very much in our traditional compartmentalised healthcare system. She also works out at less per session than both of my local physiotherapists and has a broad range of skills that she brings to the table.
I’ve gone from having a constantly aching hip during the day and downright painful at night (taking lots of nightly ibuprofen – both tablets and gel) to being able to dance around my kitchen and being comfortable sitting at my desk for extended periods of time. It’s been an absolute revelation working with Karen and I can honestly say she’s outstanding at what she does.
She’s a combination of magic healer – thoughtful, intuitive and caring – and a master of the body and it’s construction. I have seen her contemplating what’s been said and my reactions to her questions to find the next step. This feels quite novel in a world where having quick, snappy answers to everything means that sometimes the deeper connections are overlooked or not made at all.

She also takes into consideration the mental and emotional aspects of your pain which are arguably more important for healing than any exercises or surgery.
I would recommend her for all your pain. Don’t wait to see the long list of physios, chiropractors or other specialised therapists. Karen takes it all into consideration and will help your pain for the long term, not just in the moment. Now that’s quality of life and you can’t put a price on that.

Kirsti Smith