Lesley Chance

Just 16 weeks and 11 sessions with Karen has literally changed my life! A bold statement, yet true.

I approached Karen having met her via an online business forum and listened to the positive, intuitive and passionate way she spoke about her Bodylogiq approach to helping people better know their own bodies and motivating them to resolve their own pain. I had previously explored other, more generic pathways and always felt that something was not right for me as well as not resolving my pain or mobility issues.

Karen’s Bodylogiq approach is so much more powerful than simple hands-on manipulation, in fact due to the distance involved and Covid lockdown conditions seeing Karen face-to-face was not possible. Working alongside Karen, online, was something we both worked at to make sure it was successful and we could both get the best from the situation.

Karen has an in-depth knowledge of the body and how it works, unsurpassed by anyone else I have seen; not just the physical body but also the mental and emotional connections too and the knowledge, experience and intuition to know that all need to work together in harmony for any meaningful, long lasting change to occur. I needed to be guided and motivated to do the exercises correctly and regularly for that change to occur. I followed Karen’s plan religiously and within two weeks felt a reduction in shoulder pain and improved mobility.

Another 10 days and one ‘clunk’ later the pain had gone…. no pain at all in my shoulder and greater mobility than I had experienced in a very long time!

I was also ‘hearing’ my body better and had begun to notice pain in my lower back and hips. Unbeknown to me, and no surprise at all to Karen having correcting how I was holding the upper part of my body, meant that my lower back and hips were now crying out for long awaited attention.

Correcting a lifetime of muscle memory in my hips and lower back was trickier, however Karen was quick to pinpoint what needed to change and how best for me to make those changes. After nine more sessions and some very unusual exercises (what I call hip swingers … ask Karen she will explain!) I have completed long country walks and, recently, an afternoon of landscape gardening from which I fully expected to wake the next morning stiff and if not in pain, certainly with some stiffness ……… nothing, no twinges none of the ‘agh’s or oofs’ when I got up the next morning.

What Karen offers is well worth the investment and the results speak for themselves: no pain, improved mobility, increased knowledge of what my body is telling me and how to listen to it, motivation and confidence to know I can make changes that will benefit me.

As far as I’m concerned, my journey has been very, very worthwhile and I have and will continue to recommend Karen to all those that really do wish to learn more about and how to listen to their own bodies.

Lesley Chance