Karen has helped me work on my fear while working with my body.

I have found that due to work commitments I have been sitting and driving for long periods and my body had become completely out of alignment. To the extent of continually wearing support bandage on my knee.

At the end of December 2020, I developed Gout in my left foot, very painful and lasted for 6 weeks, this then developed into Achilles Tendonitis in my left heel and I was on crutches for 2 weeks. As this healed, I developed Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot. I believe this was due to not walking properly and not standing or having the correct posture when sitting due to the pain in my feet which had caused pain in other areas of my body. Overall, the foot pain lasted for a total period of 4 months where I couldn’t even go out for a walk!

I met Karen through networking in lockdown we found we were kindred spirits in our beliefs, but I didn’t realise just how much impact she would have on my life and my body.

My initial session with Karen was amazing I was continually wearing a knee support at the time and had been for several years (longer than I want to remember) especially when dancing as found it was weak and I didn’t trust it from giving way or being twisted on and giving me pain.

During the week following my treatment, I realised I wasn’t reaching for my knee supports as often and in particular noticed at my 2nd treatment I hadn’t got it on.

I also found during the week that I was standing more balanced not on my usual on right leg with it locked out!

My 2nd session with Karen was mind-blowing! She had an amazing synergy with my body as if talking to it without words. She challenged my thoughts and beliefs on my body and gave me a new way of looking at my beliefs the biggest reveal was how much in ‘fear’ mode I was.

The fear I had was going back into pain if I did anything with my body, Karen has helped me work on my fear while working with my body.

My decision to work with Karen was based on the feedback I had heard from my fellow networkers who had worked with Karen and had amazing results. It takes a lot for me to trust someone to work on my body but felt safe and supported working with Karen.

I no longer wear a knee support. I go dancing and for regular walks and am really enjoying getting out and about with our dog again.

I have been to other professionals in the past that have a prescriptive way of working with clients. I can recommend working with Karen as she works with your body individually and is passionate about balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Sue Wilmot Rowe