The best part was the reduction of pain, and eventually becoming almost completely pain-free.

I have long term knee damage but needed Karen’s help after a kneecap dislocation several months ago. Physiotherapy helped in the short term, but I needed to find a better way to improve the joint strength and to fix the knock-on effects on other parts of my body (hips & back). My pain was severe but within a couple of sessions it was improving markedly with the simple, gentle exercises Karen gave me.

I saw a physio to help me “relocate” the kneecap, but it didn’t do much for the pain or general swelling in the area as the trauma was significant. Previously, I couldn’t walk for more than 5 minutes at a time; stairs were extremely painful, and I needed to hang on to a banister. In total I probably spent around £1K-2K at least since the bad trouble started in 2017.

Having seen Karen’s testimonials, I thought that she could definitely help me.

I like the idea of trying to avoid surgery, working to get my body in alignment and work WITH it rather than trying to impose things ON it.

I was initially uncertain how it would work, doing the sessions remotely (thanks to the pandemic and the distance between us). The best part was the reduction of pain, and eventually becoming almost completely pain-free.

I found the Bodylogiq approach really good – by not overloading me with too many exercises. I could notice any differences and know which exercises were having the effect.

I now feel empowered because if the pain comes back after a really long day or if I’ve done something silly like carry something heavy, I have tools to “fix” myself!

I can now walk 40 minutes or more, stairs are easier and I no longer need to hang onto the banister.

Working with Karen has helped me so much with my chronic knee injury and other pain. Her holistic approach means that I’ve been able to work on more than just my knee, and as a result I feel so much better. I’m getting stronger and am able to walk far further than I could since my injury last year.

Karen’s instinctive approach means we worked on a lot more than the obvious injury, setting me up for better long-term health. And the simple exercises will be brilliant tools to carry forward for when I need them.

Thank you!!

Tracey Rissik