What is Bodylogiq?

The background

I created the concept of Bodylogiq as a way of expressing my logical approach to getting rid of pain. Initially, I trained in lots of areas, including sports massage and osteopathy.

To give you a little background; when I was a teenager, I jumped off a swing, landing heavily on my coccyx. I had no pain, but all my joints started to click. This prompted me to see a doctor, who dismissed the chances of any serious injury, telling me the clicking I could hear was just gas between my joints and that it would resolve itself naturally. Which it did.

Many years later, I joined a gym. I tried to do some basic crunches and realised I couldn’t lift my head and shoulders away from the floor. Further investigation (where I worked on my own body) revealed that it wasn’t my weak stomach muscles stopping me from exercising. It was my incredibly strong back muscles! They’d obviously spasmed with the shock of the swing incident and never released themselves. Whilst my stomach muscles weren’t actually weak, they were in comparison to my back muscles. Something I might never have known had I not been at the gym that day.

“You either get bitter or you get better. The choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you.”

Josh Shipp

It’s common for people with an outcome like this to focus on strengthening weak muscles. However, using a Bodylogiq approach, we can see this would be the incorrect treatment and could even exacerbate the condition. The correct treatment is to release the back muscles from spasm.

For this reason, my health history questionnaire, which I ask all clients to complete before their first appointment, is invaluable to me. It covers lifestyle, nutrition, sleep patterns, previous injuries and more. It’s critical that I know as much as possible to start to build a mental picture of their body and understand what’s happening to cause the pain or discomfort they are feeling. Only then can I be sure that I know how to treat the cause and not the symptoms. However, because all bodies are different, there’s always a need to continually assess and evolve my treatment plan.

It’s this that makes my work so incredibly interesting and rewarding!