Why would you love to have perfect posture?

How often do you check over your body to see how you’re standing, sitting or moving around? For most of us the answer is probably ‘rarely’. Many of us take our bodies for granted, averting our eyes from our posture and how it might be affecting our health. But the truth is, correct posture doesn’t only make our bodies feel good, it boosts confidence and makes us feel great all round. That’s why it’s at the core of my Bodylogiq approach.

One thing I see a lot is people who genuinely can no longer stand up straight. This is quite shocking. Often, years of slouching or sitting at a computer has put their joints, tendons and ligaments so out of alignment that they’re physically incapable of standing correctly.

This is sometimes caused by an injury whereby a limp or other discomfort has a knock-on effect and all the joints end up compensating for one another, causing more pain as everything moves out of alignment.

Pain free posture

The Practical Bit

Now what do I mean by alignment?

I usually take photos to help clients understand the impact of poor posture on their pain. Look at the two photos below. The first shows a forward lean where the body is having to work harder to stay upright. The second shows correct posture with the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears making a straight line through the body.

Would you believe the difference between the before and after picture was only a couple of months, just five Bodylogiq sessions? When I took the  pictures, I asked if he was standing comfortably and he answered “of course”. It wasn’t until we looked at the photos together that we realised how much his posture had naturally realigned.

photographs reproduced with permission

Changing Outside = Changing Inside

It’s not only pain and discomfort which can be eased by correcting your posture. There are huge social and personal benefits too. These include looking taller, slimmer, more comfortable and more confident.

And it doesn’t stop there…..

Studies show that using your body to express confidence actually makes you feel more confident. Your body language impacts your emotional state as well as the way you’re perceived from the outside.


I often have clients who believe their bodies are just destined to cause them pain as they age. They believe that it’s all just part of the process. But I know that this is not true. Pain is not an inevitable part of later life at all and no one has to put up with being in pain. Simple changes like we see here can make huge impacts and it really is never too late to start.