Hi, I’m Karen Chappell

Stress Management & Chronic Pain Specialist

Karen Chappell

Have you been suffering from emotional or physical pain for years?

Have you been everywhere and tried everything to fix it, but the pain keeps coming back?

Many clients over the past 15 years have benefitted from my unique Bodylogiq approach.

It is a gentle way of helping people to be pain-free without pills, currently with a 98% success rate.

“Until you live without pain, you don’t realise the impact it has on your life. I’m now pain-free and don’t think about pain anymore” Deirdre

If you knew you didn’t have to put up with the physical and emotional aches and pains anymore, would you?

You’ve got the most exciting part of your life ahead of you.

Surely, you’d prefer to enjoy it without pains and prescriptions?

How my unique Bodylogiq approach can change your life

✓ Rethink surgery
✓ Reduce stress and anxiety
✓ Relieve you from the side effects of painkillers
✓ Resolve headache, back ache, neck & shoulder pain, hip & knee pain
✓ Return to sport, dance, playing with the children or just having fun again

Success stories

“The looseness in my shoulder was immediate” Jen

“My back felt better than it had in years and I no longer struggled to get out of bed in the morning. And that was just one session!” Amanda

“I could hardly walk. Now I walk for miles and scramble over rocks” Paul

Bodylogiq clinics are in Coalville, Leicestershire and Lady Bay, Nottingham

If you want to be a success story and pain-free again, contact me to book your no obligation consultation.

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