Surprising, my body has improved with age. Can yours?

My body has improved with age but going back a few years….

When I was a teenager I jumped from a swing and landed squarely on my coccyx on a grassed area but ‘boy’ did I hurt.  I couldn’t breathe, the shock totally winded me.  After I recovered I walked slowly home.  These types of events can happen throughout our lives, but we don’t realise the subsequent consequences. 

Moving on a few years…

In my thirties I quit smoking and put on lots of weight.  Then I went to the gym and started to work out, I loved the whole exercise experience.  I was losing weight and feeling fabulous.  But I was perplexed, “how come everyone in my pilates class can perform a simple crunch but I can’t?” I couldn’t even take my shoulders away from the floor, let alone curve my spine.  I thought that I must have very weak stomach muscles and just carried on assuming that I couldn’t change anything and needed to focus on developing core strength.  


Moving on a few years…

I trained as a body therapist using a variety of techniques, such as movement, massage, exercise and muscle energy technique and I started to work on myself.  I gradually released my spine, hips, neck and shoulders. I became so much more flexible and mobile.  All this was happening at a point in my life when people talk about getting old, stiffening up and having to put up with being in pain. I now know that this is not the case. 

I firmly believe that my earlier fall as a teenager caused my muscles to go into spasm and that they stayed in spasm until I realised what may be happening and started to release them.  There was absolutely nothing weak about my stomach, it just wasn’t strong enough to overcome the stiffness in my back and neck.

 Age and stiffness, or age and pain don’t have to go hand in hand together.  Using gentle release, flexibility really can come with knowledge, experience and age. Surprisingly, my body has improved with age. Can yours?

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