Christine Franklyn

I resigned myself to a life of limitations.
That is…until I met Karen!

In 2015, a car driven by someone who had been partying fell asleep at the wheel and crashed almost head-on into the car I was driving. I was knocked unconscious and my left knee was never the same after that, even after surgery and almost a year of physiotherapy. I ended therapy when the physiotherapist said I was at the point where only time could complete the healing process.

Every few months after that I celebrated small victories like being able to jump two inches off the ground without squealing from excruciating pain when I landed. Woohoo! I accepted it was better than not jumping at all yet you could forget about doing jumping jacks or kneeling on my left knee. I typically exercise 3 or 4 times a week and for 7 years I sighed to myself every time I had to skip a kneeling exercise or modify a high-impact movement. I resigned myself to a life of limitations. That is…until I met Karen.

I can’t believe that thanks to Karen, in 2 short months, I went back to having the freedom of movement I hadn’t experienced for 7 years. Surgery and physiotherapy had helped somewhat, yet if I didn’t sit perfectly ergonomically correct, I ended up with lower back pain very quickly. For two years, I went to an osteopath every 3 months for maintenance but that only gave me temporary relief. That all changed when I started working with Karen. I no longer needed to go to the osteopath yet I could sit on a stool without back pain. In fact, as I was doing the mobilisers that Karen recommended specifically for me as she explored my progress in each session, I literally felt my body release tension and I learned how to give myself relief if I sat at the computer for too long and felt myself at the brink of discomfort.
Here’s the best part: I jumped off a 3-foot high embankment and ran across the road without an ounce of pain. And I can kneel once again! Months after my time with Karen, I’m still doing kneeling exercises with ease. Karen inspires trust so easily that I fought back the fear to try these exercises while I was working with her and I couldn’t believe I got them done pain-free for the first time in 7 years!

The amazing bonus is that I now sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed at exactly the same time every morning. If anyone had told me that this would be the outcome of Karen’s unconventional methodology, I would have laughed at the thought. Yet, here I am, eternally grateful that I found her because my life is forever changed as a result.

Christine Franklin