I’ve ditched the daily Ibuprofen that I’ve taken for at least the last 8 to 9 years

When I started working online four months ago with Karen, I wasn’t even thinking about my plantar fasciitis.
Instead, we started working together to reduce the pain in my neck from the pinched nerve I have between the C-4 and 5 vertebrae, so I could put off surgery for a few more years.
Fast forward to today, and I just realized that I spent a month sightseeing in Valencia, Spain doing an average of 15,000 steps per day or more on the pavement and didn’t feel a twig of heel.   NOT ONE.

I’ve been managing my PF since early 2016 when my first flare-up happened that was so painful, it required five months of physical therapy to get it under control, so I could walk with and live with manageable pain.
Both my doctor and PT at the time recommended special soles for my shoes and hamstring exercises to help me ‘manage the problem’ for the rest of my life.
And now here I am after 4 months with Karen and I’m no longer feeling the pain and am more active than ever because she treated the source of the pain, not just treated the pain.
AND I’ve ditched the special support soles because they hurt my feet now.

Freaking A-MAZ-ING.

Plus, my neck pain while still not perfect – YET – is feeling better daily (I KNOW pain-free is coming).

I’ve ditched the daily Ibuprofen that I’ve taken for at least the last 8 to 9 years.

And ALL of it was treated through video chat.Yep, Karen and I have never met in person – YET – but she’s been able to seek out the problem and recommend mobilizers that WORK, using a video camera, questions, and having me do certain movements to help pinpoint the source of the problem.I’m truly amazed and HIGHLY RECOMMEND talking to Karen if you’re living with pain, to see if she can help.

Can’t wait to see what the next few months bring as I’ve signed up with Karen for another round.

Seriously, drop her a DM, if you want to live without pain meds and pain.

I’m one HAPPY camper.

Heidi Medina