The Bodylogiq Approach

What is the Bodylogiq Approach?

Bodylogiq is a working relationship based on a partnership between myself and my client. Each of us holds a different part of the puzzle when it comes to understanding what is wrong and why.

Usually, I will work with clients over a three-month period, and before the initial lockdown, this was almost 100% in person. However, having pivoted my business to deliver sessions online since the beginning of the pandemic, I’m delighted that I’ve not seen any detriment to my results and I still have a 95% success rate!

The Pain Detective

Last year, I was called the “Pain Detective” and it stuck! The name’s memorable, descriptive, and suits me well as I have a slightly different approach to finding and examining evidence!

Many people come to me complaining that they ‘just stepped off a curb…’ or ‘just reached into a cupboard…’ and their back went. In truth, this wasn’t the action that caused the problem but is actually the manifestation of a longer-term problem. That means taking a pill for the pain won’t ever be a solution, as the pain will keep returning until we address the root cause. To put this another way, you’ll keep getting headaches until someone takes away the mallet that’s hitting your head!

“Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.”

J. K. Rowling

A catalyst for change

I think of myself as a catalyst for change. I don’t want to create pain, so I make a clear picture of the body and what’s happening within it. It’s a bit like my clients being in the room with six therapists at once as I use a fusion of talking therapy, movement therapy and bodywork, to name just a few techniques.

I use gentle ‘nudges’ to initiate change in both the body and mind. As soon as a client can tell me something feels different, I know I’m on the right track and beginning to create those changes.

Complex connections

Think about your body and how it reacts to activities such as exercise. For example, we often hear people say they’ve found ‘muscles they didn’t know they had’ following an intense workout session. The body is connected, head to toe, inside and out. Muscles pass across the body from shoulder to hip, and, therefore, pain isn’t necessarily felt in the area where the problem or injury has occurred.

It becomes like chasing a rabbit. You resolve one issue and the pain transfers to another place. As you release a tight muscle, another one has to release, which can translate as pain or discomfort elsewhere as the body starts to realign naturally.

I feel strongly that pain should not be part of treatment. Every individual is unique and so it follows that the treatment should be too.

How does Bodylogiq work in practice?

I ask all clients to complete a health history questionnaire. If, for example, a client visits with back pain, I’ll look for injuries or accidents in their past; knocks, trips or slips that might have
caused damage no matter how obvious it was at the time. If there isn’t anything obvious, I’ll start investigating things like leg-length differences. I’ll probably give them some movement exercises to do after the first session and then we meet again to ascertain what’s changed.

I continue to connect with my clients either weekly or fortnightly and really listen to their feedback. It’s usually then that I find something has changed in them, which informs me of the next step in their treatment.

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“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.”

Thomas Edison