Karen’s ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease is amazing.

I started working with Karen in July on Mindlogiq. I knew something needed to change and I knew that I needed to work out what and how to do it, because I was ready for the change.

Having been through various CBT therapies before, I was understandably a little sceptical at first. I have a reluctance to dig deep and inward to connect with that emotional aspect of me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I was in a state of overwhelm, and anxiety and without any idea of who I was anymore. Which impacted everything from my work to my home life.

The first thing Karen got me to do was to describe myself in words and how those words I used served me. Having that reluctance to dig deep and connect with myself made it difficult but Karen was able to help me unconsciously pull things out and guide me.

Even just by doing this one thing I quickly worked out what was holding me back…. being an utter control freak!

Through our weekly calls and exercises, we’ve been able to unpick things without having to dig too deep. It’s all to do with the here and now and going forward which is exactly what I need.

Changes have been happening left right and centre. But the thing is, a lot of it is happening naturally and I’m finally finding a path to not only let go of that control comfortably but connecting to me and making sure I have my boundaries firmly in place.

Even if I feel myself starting to slip, now I’m more aware of it than ever and can do something about it and know what to do because I have the tools to help me.

I never got this from the usual CBT methods I’d had in the past. I felt I was lacking in direction with those and they weren’t focused on what I really needed or what was at the core of the problem. With Karen, I’m implementing the things I’m doing instantly because I have the unifying link to everything.

Her ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease, to notice even the slightest change in a movement or in how you are is amazing. She shows so much compassion and care but is still able to give me an ass-kicking when I’ve needed it. The structure she works to is also mind-blowing, her ability to see where you’re at and to be able to flex based on what you need that week whilst still staying on track and topic has been so useful to me, it’s made me feel seen.

Rebecca Worboys