I am blown away that the pain has gone

After a decade of joint and back pain, following the birth of my son, which worsened during the onset of my recent menopause, I had reached a place where I felt unsure of how to move my body and had unconsciously started restricting how I moved to avoid feeling pain.

As a lover of exercise, this has been very frustrating. I found that every time I tried to exercise I would end up injuring myself and this has created a detrimental impact on my sense of well-being and physical health. Years of physio would alleviate the pain but was only ever temporary, the root cause remained a mystery.

I was starting to falsely think that I’d reached an age where I simply had to accept the restrictions and the pain…

Thankfully I was wrong! I met Karen and signed up for Bodyloqiq, not really, knowing what to expect other than knowing that Karen is a miracle worker and has many reviews to substantiate that! And she earned the right to be called “The Pain Detective”!

I am blown away that after four weeks of working with Karen, both face-to-face and remotely, the pain has gone and I have been able to now re-introduce exercise that I loved and had thought was a thing of the past. Karen has the gift of being able to pinpoint the root cause of the pain, and then make adjustments to the body that eradicate the issue. She is gentle, caring and considerate in her approach, making you feel at ease and a sense of hope. Karen’s advice has also been invaluable, and I cannot thank her enough.

If you can relate in any way, my only advice is do not hesitate, for Karen awaits!

Esther Walker