Have a strategy for the rest of your life

When I met Karen I was feeling fit and healthy from doing plenty of exercise, but had the feeling that something was not quite right with my alignments, things somehow just felt ‘off.’  This gave discomfort when sitting at my desk for any length of time and also getting comfortable in bed.
I chose Karen because I had known her for a while through networking and she had always received glowing testimonials from others who had been to see her.  I have benefitted through Karen’s gentle manipulation to put my body back into alignment.  My shoulders and hips were out which was causing problems; not only in those areas but other parts of the body.
I have become more aware of my posture and alignment so I can correct it, which will stand me in good stead for the future.  I am beginning to sleep better and feel stronger in myself as well as feeling all the tensions and pain beginning to ease and go away.
I would definitely recommend Karen – not only do you find out what is causing your aches and pains but you benefit with a strategy for now and for life. It’s all done without the excruciating pain you can get from other techniques!

Jacqui Dean