I was really fed up with my body letting me down

I’d been suffering with issues with my ankles, knees and lower back for some time in so much that I was even struggling with the stairs at work.  And as for playing squash I was in pain every time I tried to run and twist to return shots.

I was really fed up with my body letting my energetic approach to life down.
And then I was introduced to Karen by mutual friends and thought I have to give this a go.  Karen immediately told me that I had to be patient and would have to forgo a lot of the activities, including squash, whilst she worked on my body in order for the muscle memory to adapt and change to correct my posture and remove the pain.
Immediately the pain started to decrease and I become more and more mobile as Karen worked on my body.  In total I had 10 sessions over a period of 6 months and gradually re-introduced physical activities into my weekly routine.  With Karen’s support and advice I was able to ensure my posture at the classes I attended were correct so that I didn’t incur damage to my body.

I now feel fab and am really looking forward to playing squash again too.  I will still book maintenance visits with Karen to keep my body in alignment.

The Bodylogiq approach she has created is fantastic

Karen integrates lots of different techniques that blend together to ensure a truly holistic approach to ensuring the body heals itself with her wonderful guidance.

Thank you Karen – my body feels GREAT!!!

Sarah Naylor