Jane Long

“Looking at my food choices have been a key part of understanding my pain.

Working with Karen provides you with the patience you need to unravel and improve your health issues.

I have been living in pain on and off for many years.  Mostly lower back pain and sciatica.
The onset of peri/menopause brought about more pain, mostly in my shoulders, head and jaw.  I have also lived through a reasonable amount of stress, anxiety, depression and my mind can race at 100mph!

My process with Karen has been quite a lengthy one but with good reason.  I like quick fixes and that does not match well with the healing process. Trying to force myself back into health has not worked for me!

Karen prescribes gentle, simple yet powerful and effective exercises to use regularly.  These help to release physical and emotional stresses.  She then holds the space for me to talk through any ‘issues’ or past experiences that I need to let go of.  Looking at my food choices and the way I eat have also been a key part of reducing and understanding my pain and improving my energy levels.

  • My posture has changed naturally!
  • I feel better, I feel well and a lot less anxious and stressed.
  • I am gaining more days without pain and know the triggers or reasons when it returns and what to do.
  • I am learning to understand my own body and health better which brings me a sense of calm.

I have had days where it’s been ok for me to stop and do NOTHING instead of trying hard to make things happen or make the pain go away.

And all this has happened via online consultations…..we have never met in real life but hope to!

Karen is amazing at what she does and is well worth investing in.

Jane Long